blue lips (feat. joe jordan)

by lauren begent

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unreleased, exclusive mix of "blue lips" featuring joe jordan on guitar ( october 2010.


grinding my teeth, leave salt salt on my sheets
my blue lipped little queen, can't you come home to me

this impersonal profanity is still poisoning my dreams
i'd love for you to just leave me be
cause i've been wandering
on the steel tracks of a never-ending bind
& the sound of the train keeps looping in my mind

it's a door that will never open for and of your kind
not again, with your riddles and your rhymes
i can't take the way the cavity in my chest burns deeper still
the heat is sinking in my lips, this haven is a hell

because people are never quite as beautiful
as the pictures they keep

this is the gap
the gap between you and me

but a third party perspective can be quite a relief
when the furrow in your brow is getting a little steep
the back of the room is the back of my mind
with every color brighter, & every hue jaded in time

i can see your heart has been drying out for some time now
much like the desert that has become my mouth
the exasperated pleads as my tear ducts were ripped out
it just keeps repeating, withstanding and without

the sweet dissatisfaction we share in our eyes
but i'm feeling at peace when i see explosions in the sky
as we pray for an earthquake, pray for a tide
as we pray for the rain to purify these lies

this is the gap between you and me

in this mess that we have woven
with aesthetics that you've have chosen
you can't stand the touch of fingertips
as a hunger artist, you like to believe
that nothing fills you up,
because there's nothing in between

but i can't stop
i can't slow down, until i find home
we can't stop, we can't slow down
til we find surrender in our bones

so i'll see you in my dreams
as i'm grinding my teeth
and leave salt on my sheets
your sweet salt on my sheets


released October 25, 2010
lauren begent: vocals, mandolin, violin
joe jordan: recording, guitar




Lauren Begent Salt Lake City, Utah

trying to sea.

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